Pollution Protection for Your Skin.

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We all know to avoid too much sun, but did you know that dirt in the air can also harm your complexion. Do you travel into a city every day to work? Use public transport? Work in a dusty/dirty environment?

City smog and car exhaust fumes produce a microparticle(known as PM2.5) which can easily be absorbed by skin,working to inflame,irritate and even worsen signs of ageing. While it is possible to see soot,dust and smoke, what is more worrying are the particles invisible to the naked eye- the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons( PAHs) emitted by powerplants and cars, particularly diesel engines- that can penetrate into the skin causing oxidative stress. Just like sunlight, pollution can age us. However, unlike sunlight ,we do not always know it is there.

The most important steps in skin care in terms of pollution protection are thorough cleansing at night to rid the skin of the molecules, and to choose skin care products high in anti-oxidants to neutralise some of the damage.

S3 recommends  Instant Demake PM2.5 Micellar water cleanser ( £20), Flavo C Vitamin C serum( £28) and Heliocare 360 SPF 50,( £32) all rich in essential antioxidants.

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