Winter Hydration Promotion – 10% off all Skincare Products

We all hear ‘drink more water’ and at S3 Skin and Laser we know that hydration is a key factor in keeping a healthy mind, body and skin.  But how many of us drink enough? Or hydrate our skin thoroughly through all seasons.  How many friends and colleagues do you see with dehydration lines, papery skin, and dark circles – all of which can be improved by drinking more water.

In the UK we are likely to drink more tea and coffee everyday than pure H2O, and during winter drinking fresh water can be a battle. Add to that cold weather outside vs heated homes inside, constant change between the two, we have a recipe for dehydration.

Instant skincare highlights Hyaluronic Acid (HA) as a potent hydrator and this key ingredient is present in many of the products. Applying HA topically to the skin assists in preventing Trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), along with repairing the barrier of impaired skin.

To help your skin hydrate and recover this winter we are taking 10% off all skincare products throughout January and February – that will help your purse recover too!

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